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Digital Literacy and Older Adults

Duration: September - December 2022

Role: UX Researcher, Product Manager, & Visual Designer


Project Overview

This project was a design collaboration. We focused on Digital Literacy in Adults 50-80 years old because we were interested in understanding how older adults use and feel towards technology specifically while using the internet.

Through our initial research, we learned that Adults 50-80 years old want to feel reassured that their private information is protected because knowing that their information is secure would allow them to expand their use of apps and the internet.

Discovery Research Phase

In the initial stages of our research, we aimed to narrow down our target audience by defining "older adults" regarding our study:

  • Age, parents, employment, tech use


Our team leveraged a qualitative approach to gathering data by conducting interviews and crafting a survey. Through these research methods, we were able to narrow down our user groups pain points, needs, and motivations. From there we discovered insights, created user personas, identified the problem, and brainstormed solutions.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 105925.png

Discovery Research Phase

User Personas

Screenshot 2022-12-21 111216.png

Iteration & Prototyping

The final delivery stage began with rapid and initial sketches, lo-fi prototyping, usability testing planning and execution, and finally a high-fidelity prototype.

With a usability plan laid out, we were able to identify questions and solutions we wanted to achieve from our lo-fi interactive prototype. Our user tests consisted of 4 users due to time and budget constraints.  However, we received valuable feedback from users who tested our prototype and make necessary adjustments for our high-fidelity prototype.

Additionally, we conducted heuristic evaluation tests in order to inspect further and gut check our product would benefit our users to the fullest.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 124349.png

Final Deliverable

Sharing personal information online can be intimidating but might be necessary to access online services. You want to know you are secure and safe online– and we get that. Which is why we prioritize your safety and so does your community.


“Safety Net” works as an open forum that grows from internet and app users' quality feedback. Each website or app has an overall rating (0-5 stars) based on the average ratings provided by users. Ratings and reviews will always stay anonymous with the option for users to manage and edit their feedback.

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