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UX Research & Design

As a UX designer, I take a human centered approach to design. I love learning, empathizing with and uncovering a user's behaviors and motivations in order to find solutions.

Additionally, in my design process raising the question whose voice is missing? is an integral part of good inclusive design. As designers, we must build and hammer this question into our framework and ask it repeatedly during the process so that the system can change to include anyone and everyone.

This project was a design collaboration. We focused on Digital Literacy in Adults 50-80 years old because we were interested in understanding how older adults use and feel towards technology specifically while using the internet.

Through our initial research, we learned that Adults 50-80 years old want to feel reassured that their private information is protected because knowing that their information is secure would allow them to expand their use of apps and the internet.

Screenshot 2022-12-20 235200.png

In this project, I focused on understanding the Digital Media Infrastructure and user sentiments about privacy across Instagram.

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